About US

About Us

Precise Solution India banks upon its ability to anticipate and address IT requirements across businesses in a cost effective manner. Precise Solution India helps customers to run their businesses Precisely in a way to achieve their goals with our value-added-services at different phases of their Business Planning and Development Cycle. We help them to derive optimum utilization of their IT resources and lower their cost of operations along with Time Effectiveness.

We accelerate business growth by providing solutions to both Technology and Talent Solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. We streamline our work ethics by taking care of both IT Core and Talent/Staffing Needs.In today’s digital world the demands are highly increasing with the trends, technologies and innovation, addressing each need must be quick and reliable. The team at Precise Solutions is equipped with a highly developed skillset over decades of experience not only in Information Technology but also in Talent/Recruitment and Training Processes across a range of industry sectors to meet the requirements.

What makes us stand out of the Crowd ?

• Our relentless focus on breakthrough and enduring results: Our relentless focus on purposeful innovation to deliver value to our clients, our industry, our community and our team members. We work hard every day to do things better than “the way they used to be done”.

• Passionate, Purpose and Vision minded people: Our team is passionate to excel with determination, commitment, steadfastness and with a clear vision.

• Unique way of approaching and working alongside with our Clients: For each client, we go beyond a set of deliverables to operate as a strategic partner.

• Our stepping stone is your destination to solve your problems: We are completely focused to anticipate risk, barriers and finding unique solutions to provide solutions to all your need.


Accountability: An employee needs to take responsibility his actions. Game is an integral part of any organization, but you must try to change the trend and accept the results of your actions.

Honesty & Integrity: Having pride in what you do and believing in yourself 100% is an integral part and alongside staying true to your personal values and being honest is highly important.

Team Work: Collaborating equally together by brainstorming sessions, fostering trust, helping with suggestions, complementing to one another on their success, rise and fall together is highly impactful for a successful drive in accelerating business.

Self-Motivated: Sometime, a self- motivation can help you cross the barriers of your existing issues.

Professionalism: A specific style of behaviour in the workplace exhibited in our behaviour with a mature responsibility and problem-solving perseverance is a great and positive attitude.

Possessing a Positive Attitude: By refraining challenges, learning with the rejections, having a spirit of determination to refocus and excel is extremely valued.